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[INFO REVIEW] The Candidate for Goddess End

The Candidate for Goddess (Megami Kouhosei) was originally serialized in Comic Gum, a monthly Japanese manga magazine published by Wani Books. The 26 chapters that comprise the series were compiled into five tankōbon (volumes) and released between August 1997 and November 2001. All five volumes of the series were re-published in 2005 as part of the "Gum Comics Plus" imprint. 

Tokyopop acquired the series in early 2003 for an English distribution in North America. The series was adapted by Marv Wolfman and published between April 14 and December 7, 2004.

Last works realised by Sugisaki this year, 2011 were the coming out of the DNANGEL vol.15 on January 2011 and the Ascribe to Heaven ( アスクライブ・トゥ・ヘヴン) Vol.2 in September 2011. On 2012 started to new series, 1001 ナイツ (1001 knights) and Junkissa Neko (純喫茶ねこ), both are on going right now.

  - twenty years following this manga! -

The year is 4084, a thousand years since the ‘Crisis of Systems’. This event resulted in the destruction of four planetary systems by mysterious beings known as Victim. Mankind now lives in space colonies, heading towards the sole inhabitable planet, Zion. Powerful mecha known as Ingrids are used as weapons against Victim. They are piloted by young men who have a special power called EX. 

  Summary (SPOILERS!)

Erts Virny Cocteau candidate nº5, is the best of five top pilots. Orphaned very young and forced to enter the G.O.A., Erts is gentle and doesn't like to fight. However, after his brother, Ernest Cuore death, he has to take his brothers place as one of the PIlot of the five Goddess. Rome had to drop her position when Erts became a Goddess Pilot and chose to carry his brother's will. And Zero keep hopping to be the next Goddess Pilot as soon as possible.

After the funeral ceremony the battle against Victim starts again but it's too soon to battle, all the pilots are touched and Gareas is able to hear or feel to Ellia.
Meanwhile the Pilot Candidates are trainning but Saki and Clay have an argument because Clay doesn't feel like being a Gooddess Pilot.

Them the G.O.A was invaded when the Goddess are on Battle so everybody in the school get ready to protect the accademy of Pilots. After that Clay decides to leave the accademy and don't be a Pilot so he goes to G.I.S. 

The main problem with this series is that it ends abruptly, leaving behind a lot of loose ends. Despite this, it isn’t all that bad. It has a pretty good Evangelion feel while still being an original story. The Ingrids are cool looking, but it would have been nice to know why only psychic males can pilot them. Victim is a pretty boring antagonist since all we see it doing is attacking the colonies. Honolulu mecha fans can read it on a rainy day.
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