Thursday, 2 February 2017

[WORLD] Publicaciones de Ascribe to Heaven

Ascribe to Heaven (アスクライブ・トゥ・ヘヴン)  is a manga by the Japanese mangaka Yukiru Sugisaki. This manga is  full with future fantasy adventures with magic and mechas. 

It is said that it was published in KINGYOUNG OURS (2009) because Asuka magazine didn't want Sugisaki started a new manga before finishing DNANGEL in this same magazine.


A world where mankind has become an endangered species. On a planet well known as "Flickle" resides a single human girl, Minii, who lives among the world of robots. One day she encounters a human prince and his guardian who falls from the sky.

Unfortunately in 2011 this series kept on hiatus with only 10 manga chapters in the japanese magazine KINGYOUNG OURS (two volumenes) and a special booklet with three more chapters (so in total there are 13 chapters).
However the serie are not finished yet; but some editorials in the rest of the world decided to publish this manga int heir countries.

Japón por Shonen Gahosha : sept2009
Taiwan por Tong Li Comics : january2010
Italia por RW ROEN : august 2012
Tailandia por bongkoch : august 2013


covers: 1. JAPAN 2. Thailand 3. Taiwan 4. Italy

Name: アスクライブ・トゥ・ヘヴン (Ascribe to Heaven); 归罪乐园; 歸罪樂園; 星空童話;  아스크라이브 투 헤븐
Author: Yukiru Sugisaki

Gender: action, fantasy , shoujo/shonen ai, supernatural; ciencia ficción; romance
Volumenes: 2 (on hiatus since 2011)

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