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DNANGEL 20th Anniversary! (ディー・エヌ・エンジェル 創立20周年)

 In 2017 was the 20th anniversary of the DNANGEL manga by the japanese mangaka Yukiru Sugisaki.

On 13th november 1997 was released in Japan the first volumen of this manga series by the editorial KADOKAWA; It started to be published in the Japanese magazine ASUKA monthly in March 1997.

In 2018 the manga comes back from the HIATUS, so here I collected all the information you maybe want to know about!

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 (ディー・エヌ・エンジェルDNエンジェル;디엔에인절; ดี.เอ็น.แองเจิ้ล; Siêu trộm,; 天使怪盜;) is a manga written by Yukiru Sugisaki (杉崎ゆきる), it the one of the most popular series of this mangaka, which it has its own anime, CD DRAMAS, novels, and a video game for Play station2.

It started to publish in 1997 and nowadays it has 15 volumes and the series are still ongoing since may 2018.
The manga is published in Germany by Carlsen editorial, in Spain and Argentina by Editorial IVREA, in
the USA or English version by Editorial Vid (but they only have a digital version for ebooks). 

PLOT: The story is about a secundary student called Daisuke Niwa, who by family inheritance, at the age of 14, suffers from time to time transformations, incarnating the legendary thief Kaitou Dark, which has its own personality, alternating during the work.

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