Saturday, 30 September 2017


Can you imagine find the basic INFO and NEWS about your favorite mangaka and her manga works in several languages?

Maybe you are thinking about pages like wikipedia or MyAnimeList....
 But I mean about communities where in different countries you can find the needed information about your favourite mangaka, in this case YUKIRU SUGISAKI.

Would be nice that some fans from places like indonesia, china or brazil, will have a place where post news about sugisaki in other languages, something lika a website/blog/twitter/tumblr/etc. I as admi of this site I decided to open it in Spanish first because if the lack of information in Spanish. Nowadays I usually post in English but I still some main info in spanish too.

I know this mangaka is not so popular, but as a FAN it´s something that I thought It was possible before. 
well, not long time ago It was possible. There were some pages with well information about Yukiru Sugisaki, in languages like: french, german, Italian or Spanish. 

However, most of these pages left incompleted or on hiatus, because of the unfrecuency of the manga artist.
Here I leave some info of these great FANSITES:

♛ (German) 2007 by kooan-sha
♛ One Magic Night  (French) 2010 by mizuiro_kun
♛ FEDER (German) by michan
♛ DNAngel World (Italian) by NiK and Ran_stellina85
YukiruSensei (Spanish) 2005 by RikaSugisakiYa (English) 2009 by Rika

and what do you think about all this?
do you know fansite of sugisakisensei in other languages?

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