Saturday, 21 October 2017


Could you imagine the DNANGEL characters as  pokemon trainers? What kind of pokemon would they have?

I saw many anime/manga or cartoon characters as pokemon trainers and even some evidences as wiz or with as a pokemon, could you imagine it?

Wiz by NollaEnkeli
ok, so here I bring some ideas, as pokemon trainer in DNANGEL, I will need more info about Satoshi, Krad, Risa and Riku, and if you want other characters or mangas of Yukiru Sugisaki if you want, such as minii from ascribe to hevaen, or Kizna/kizuna from The candidate for goodess. 

please leave your comments below and give me your opinion or new ideas. Thank you!

Daisuke Niwa (DNANGEL) pokemon trainer Card by rika8

Dark mousy (DNAngel) pokemon trainer card by rika8

daisuke card by rika
dark card by rika
Wiz by nolla

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