Sunday, 17 June 2018

Phantom thief similar to Dark Mousy (DNANGEL)

Have you heard about the Phantom thieves or Kaitos in japanese? The Phantom Thief is a special class of criminal. An elusive and fantastic thief who can be long gone before the victim even knows what hit him. Just as likely to be an antihero as a villain but not always is like that; sometimes the phantom thieves have a special reasons to steal.

gentleman thieflady thief, or phantom thief 怪盗/ kaitō) is a stock character in fiction. A gentleman or lady thief usually has inherited wealth and is characterised by impeccable manners, charm, courteousness, and the avoidance of physical force or intimidation to steal. As such, they steal not to gain material wealth but for the thrill of the act itself, which is often combined in fiction with correcting a moral wrong, selecting wealthy targets, or stealing only particular rare or challenging objects.

There is no single set model of the Phantom Thief, but they usually have some of the following

- Steals fine art and valuable gems.
- Leaves a Calling Card / warning card.
- Is a Master of Disguise.
- Uses magic, trickery and illusions to escape undetected.
- Has a rival in the form of a Great Detective or a stubborn police inspector.
- Has a strict code of honor, refusing to commit murder.
- Steals as a form of vigilante justice.

- May or may not actually break the laws of physics to achieve their goal.

- Lupin the 3rd
- Dark Mousy from DNANGEL
- Kaito Kid from Magic Kaito
- Kisugi sisters from Cat's eyes
- The Man of twenty faces from CLAMP SCHOOL DETECTIVES
- Kamikaze kaito Jeanne

which one do you like the most??
Do you know more about PHANTOM THIEVES? or more PHANTOM THIEVES CHARACTERS? Leva in the comments your opinions!!

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