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You've heard the stories of the legendary phantom thief Dark...whose real identity is unknown. Well, now it's your turn to inherit that identity, Daisuke...I mean, Dark.Emiko Niwa
I think Dark is half a person - literally since he's a broken piece of the black wings - and is borrowing half of Daisuke's self to make up the difference. He seems to have a few issues with his nature as an artwork though, so he emphasizes the part of himself that's also part of Daisuke. (

The case of Daisuke is special, the ancestors of the Niwa did not have as many rolls as Daisuke to find his sacred maiden; and in this case I mean the feelings of the girl. And if the twins love the same person, what if it is the sacred maiden who loves Dark? In the case of Daiki with Dark, there was a time when they both loved the same person, but it was the girl who chose Daiki and that was when Dark did not appear again. "What if DARK is selected?" In the case of Daisuke, there are two sacred maidens, and both they and Dark and Daisuke love different people, when the natural sealing of Dark is made in the choice and correspondence of the feelings with the sacred maiden? 

 Who loves who? 
At the beginning of the story Daisuke has feelings for Risa, but when Dark appears and she shows her interest in Dark, Daisuke begins to fall in love with Riku. Riku is reluctant to believe that Daisuke likes him because he thinks he only sees his sister in her; but in the end they understand each other and start to leave. On the other hand the relationship of Risa and Dark continues to advance formally and with more "skin relationship" and even Dark shows his sentiemientos and stops showing as a conquest more. In the anime of course this does not happen, Dark keeps his feelings for the Harada's grandmother, Rika Harada. 

But in the last chapters manga published between 2010 and 2018 (stage4.vol ...) Riku enpecto to observe the relationship of his sister with Dark, I do not know if it is because he suspects Dark and Daisuke (which is shown lately ) for "envy": remember the sad expression of Riku watching Risa and Dark dance at the spring party. why!?

If you want to take Dark out naturally, you have to find your sacred place, the sacred maidens help the DNA bearers of the Niwa family to control Dark
At the beginning of the story Satoshi and Kei Hiwatari (adoptive father of Satoshi) are the first interested in sealing "black wings" (kokuyoku). Satoshi's life is in danger because of the power of his alter ego, KRAD (this problem does not have Daisuke because apparently Dark does not use all his power in the manga) in the anime the rutile ring that Kosuke Niwa takes share and controls the power). 
However, Kei Hiwatari (obsessed with the power of the works of art of the Hikari family) wants to use the power of "black wings" sealing Dark and krad; but we do not know why! During the history of the manga it is tried to seal to dark capturing it, and later with the use of other works of art of the Hikari family, but "black wings" is one of the most powerful works of art.  

When you try to seal "black wings" in a non-natural way; there is a call to the "parts of black wings - krad and dark" by the base of the work of art, that is (the white canvas with chains) that causes natural disasters in the area, as we can see in the anime .


♛ ♛BREAK THE CURSE: death of Dark?

when the curse is broken, it could be said that it is the end of Dark since it could end its existence as an elter ego, because it stops having a body with which to share DNA, and a work of art.
This also means the salvation and health improvement of Satoshi Hiwatari, by not having to share DNA with Krad, his health would return to normal.

♛ What does the end of the anime mean? Will not Dark and Krad come back in the next generation?
When I saw the anime the first time, I thought that "black wings" was sealed once more as in other generations and Dark Y krad would come back with the next generation. But it is not like that, in the anime we can see how "black wings" is being sealed in an unnatural way and this causes the parts of the work of art - krad and dark - to be sealed but for their destruction, since the Finally we can see how the "black wings" explodes.
For what it means the end of this work of art and curse kokuyoku.

In the manga the story is different and we do not know how it will end or if it will have a similar ending.

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