Friday, 20 October 2017

☆ [画集] Illustrations Books by Yukiru Sugisaki (杉崎ゆきる)

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Japanese illustration collection by Sugisaki Yukiru (杉崎ゆきる): here is the list of artbooks (画集) which is a variety of drawings by Sugisaki Yukiru featuring characters from D.N.Angel and others of her manga works such as: megami kohosei (the candidate for goddess), Lagoon Engine, Lagoon Engine Einsazt, 1001 knights among other of her old works as doujinshis (1996).

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

[RUMOR] Return of DNANGEL in 2017?

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I'm sure you already know about the news that Yukiru Sugisaki finished one of her manga works: 1001knights. 
Eventhough these series wasnt so popular abrod as it was in Japan, many of her fans in all the world are so happy for it; but also because what is Yukiru Sugisaki going to do now? Most of the fans hope for the return of DNANGEL manga.

Saturday, 14 October 2017


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 Hi! welcome to this blog about the japanese mangaka Yukiru Sugisaki (杉崎ゆきる), creator of mangas such as DNAngel, Lagoon Engine, Rizelmine, The Candidate For Goddess/Megami kohousei, Ascribe to Heaven, 1001knights or Junkissa neko!

Remember that this blog is in  ESPAÑOL and ENGLISH! leave your comments in any of this languages!

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

[INFO] Diferencias entre el manga y anime de DNAngel

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Buenas! muchos fans de DNANGEL en la red siempre suelen hacerse esta pregunta... ¿cuales son las diferencias entre el manga de DNANGEL y la versión animada, es decir el anime?

Hoy os traigo unas listas de diferencias entre el anime y el manga de esta serie. 

Pero cuidado, hay algunos SPOILERS!