Friday, 13 July 2018

[DNANGEL] Niwa's Family House (丹羽 の ファミリーハウス) ANIME VERSION

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DaisukeNiwa is the protagonist of the manga and anime story of DNANGEL (by Yukiru Sugisaki), who in his 14th birthday discovers that the ADN of the male of his family changes deoending on his love feelings to a strong aversion alter ego known as Dark Mousy, the Phantom Thief.

In the ANIME of DNANGEL you can see 
Daisuke Niwa's FamilyHouse (丹羽大助 のファミリーハウス) throught the adventures of this boy!
Here I brought you some pictures of the house and maps, so you can make it in the game The Sims.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

[INFO REVIEW] 1001 KNIGHTS by Yukiru Sugisaki

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Sugisaki Yukiru es mundialmente conocida desde sus comienzos por su obra manga más excepcional, DNANGEL; pero no hay que olvidar sus otras obras que también han obtenido algo de popularidad. En los últimos años esta autora mangaka ha arriesgado publicando nuevos géneros, y una de sus última obras trata el género shonen-ai de forma muy exagerada.

Friday, 6 July 2018


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You've heard the stories of the legendary phantom thief Dark...whose real identity is unknown. Well, now it's your turn to inherit that identity, Daisuke...I mean, Dark.Emiko Niwa
I think Dark is half a person - literally since he's a broken piece of the black wings - and is borrowing half of Daisuke's self to make up the difference. He seems to have a few issues with his nature as an artwork though, so he emphasizes the part of himself that's also part of Daisuke. (

Sunday, 1 July 2018

[INFO] Los Orígenes de Dark y Krad (黒翼) Black Wings

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Los Orígenes de Krad y Dark comienzan con los antepasados de Niwa Daisuke y Satoshi Hiwatari (Hikari).

La Historia comienza hace 400 años:

"la familia Hikari da vida a obras de arte y la familia Niwa las roba, es la batalla del nunca acabar"
by Satoshi Hikari/Hiwatari

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