Saturday, 16 September 2017

♛ Sugisaki Yukiru Plantillas para BLOGGER ♛

Here I bring you something interesting. I made some templates or layouts for your BLOGGER blog about the mangas of Yukiru Sugisaki.

I hope you really Enjoy it and If i find others I will post them too!

Format: blogger
Description: colorful, cute and pretty.

Last Update: -APRIL 2017-

AVISO: I think because of the problems with Photobucket, the pictures in the templates won´t work, so I will work in new templates soon. I´m sorry for the problems.


        Sugisaki manga stars [drive] [source]

lovely Neko cafe [drive] [demo]
stiches [drive] [demo]

pinky magazine[drive] [demo]

        Ascribe to heaven Pink Stars [4shared] [source]

Sweet Junkissa neko coffee [4shared] [source]

Robotic Goddess [drive] [source]

1001knights dessert [4shared] [source]

frau simple [drive] [demo] 

frau slider [drive] [demo]

red rocket [drive] [demo]

simple silver [drive] [demo]

green engine simple [drive]/engine slider [drive] [demo]

lovely pachiderm [drive] [demo]

personalization by: Sugisakiya -

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