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[DNANGEL] Niwa's Family House (丹羽 の ファミリーハウス) ANIME VERSION

DaisukeNiwa is the protagonist of the manga and anime story of DNANGEL (by Yukiru Sugisaki), who in his 14th birthday discovers that the ADN of the male of his family changes deoending on his love feelings to a strong aversion alter ego known as Dark Mousy, the Phantom Thief.

In the ANIME of DNANGEL you can see 
Daisuke Niwa's FamilyHouse (丹羽大助 のファミリーハウス) throught the adventures of this boy!
Here I brought you some pictures of the house and maps, so you can make it in the game The Sims.

Daisuke Niwa lives in his house with her parents, Emiko and Kosuke, his grandfather (Emiko's father) Daiki and his pet With (Dark's patner). Then more characaters start to live in the house, such as Towa chan (as a servent), among others. (I dont want to make more spoilers).
House's Facade/Front & back




Hall + hallway
Kitchen + livingroom + dinning room

Rooms: Master room 

*Grandfather's bedroom is in the first floor next the living room; it has a japanese style


rooms: Daisuke Niwa's bedroom (丹羽大助の寝室)
Basement: rituals room + storage room for pieces of art + Library 

MAP OF the Family Niwa's HOUSE (animeversion) (BY ME with the future I will try to make it in the PC game THE SIMS. 

house's first floor / daisuke's bedroom

Niwa's Family House (丹羽 の ファミリーハウス) MANGA VERSION

In the manga the house is much different, the front of the house is completelly different, and it has many balconies and windows.
In the livingroom they have a chimeney. They have big stair in front of the front door and a CCTV room.
They basement is a little more similar, specially for the library. however the place where they keep the art pieces looks like a museum.

Feel free to comment and share your creations

sources: Homedesign; drive

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