Friday, 23 March 2018

[OFFICIAL INFO] Return of DNANGEL in 2018

I'm sure you already know about the news that Yukiru Sugisaki finished one of her manga works: 1001knights. 

Eventhough these series wasnt so popular abroad as it was in Japan, many of her fans in all the world are so happy for it; but also because what is Yukiru Sugisaki going to do now? Most of the fans hope for the return of DNANGEL manga.

Since a few hours It is official the comeback of DNANGEL in 2018!!

Yukiru Sugisaki started to publish this manga in July of 2012 in 月刊Asuka magazine. It has 10 volumen and 55 chapters.
And it has finally finished 7 years later without any hiatus.

Also this manga's already released in other countries such as Germany by TOKYOPOP, Thai by BONGKOT and Taiwan by Taiwan KADOKAWA (台灣角川訂閱出版社新書快訊新功能介紹).

The twin brothers Fuuga Naito and Yuta, when their dad Shinra gone missing, follows Arthur - their dad's best friend to Dubai. There on a fateful night, the two are attacked by a mysterious boy named Arif Laila, taken to a totally new world called the Ghost Star, seperated. Now, the older brother Naito must embark on a journey to find his twin Yuta again. But at the same time, Yuta slowly finds out the truth about their past lives and his sole mission to be here...!?

۞ Return of DNAngel in 2018?
In 2012 KADOKAWA said that will try to force Sugisaki Yukiru to work more on DNAngel, however we only could know one more new thing about DNANGEL:
It is said that DNANGEL will be finished with 17 or 18 volumen in total.

Today 23rd of march finally Yukiru sugisaki post a new illustration of DNANGEL when the 月刊Asuka magazine was released in Japan annucing the coming back of DNANGEL in may 2018.

DNAngel started to published in 月刊Asuka magazine in 1997 until 2005, when with 5 volumen there was a huge hiatus until June of 2008. The last Hiatus was in January of 2011 with 70 chapters and with 15 volumen.

Is it possible the coming back of DNANGEL? yes, specially because Yukiru Sugisaki still have ongoing series in 月刊Asuka magazine, such as: DNANGEL, lagoon Engine, Lagoon Engine Insatz.
 However Yukiru sugisaki is current working with other manga series: 純喫茶ねこ (Junkissa Neko) in ComicBIRZ and she has more series on hiatus in others magazines:  女 神候補生 (The candidate for goddess in Comic GUM since 2001 and アスクライブ・トゥ・ヘヴン (Ascribe to heaven) in KINGYOUNG Ours since 2011.

we will wait for the issue7 of ASUKA monthly this month of may (on 24th*) to read the new chapter of DNANGEL, but in the issue of April we will news in the magazine aswell!

what do you think? what do you expect from the contuniation of this manga??


Gamme (Taiwan): DNANGEL's return?


  1. ohhh la noticia es real T-T siento tanta emoción y miedo a la vez.... pero creo que la emoción le gana al segundo sentimiento, aunque hay algo que no me ha quedado claro :/ el nuevo capitulo de DN Angel, comenzara en mayo o abril.... y pues bueno a esperar a que salga para por fin ver cual es la respuesta de Dai-chan, ver a mis adorados Dark y Krad... y por fffiiinnnn!!!!! ver un final ha esta maravillosa historia

    1. el nuevo capítulo manga sale en mayo, pero en abril en teoria van a "dar información" sobre el regreso del manga.
      supongo que tienen que darle publicidad para captar a los nuevos lectores y llamar a los antiguos. Y espero que digan alguna novedad del manga *-*

    2. a ok, gracias por resolverme la duda que tenia :D.... en mi opinión personal, seria fino que también anunciaran un nuevo anime ;), es decir uno en donde la historia se apegue mas al manga, ya que hay arcos o stage de este ultimo que fueron muy buenos... ademas no seria raro porque últimamente han re-hecho animes de los 90 con nuevas versiones que están mas apegadas con la historia del manga...

      pero bueno ya sera esperar jejejejeje..... y pues estaré atenta :D para cuando compartas esas nuevas informaciones :3


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